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Yakeen… In Concert
March 12, 2011, 4:45 am
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Some stalwarts of the Delhi live music scene have come together to form a band called Yakeen. In recent times, they have created their fair share of waves. They have this innate ability to sense what the audience wants and then serve it up with style and zing. Typically, a concert by Yakeen tends to be a rollercoaster ride through classic rock, contemporary pop and Bollywood sizzlers.

So what is it that makes this band a powerhouse of musical energy, excitement and vitality?

Attending a practice session of Yakeen provides some excellent insights into what makes them such great entertainers. First, they set themselves an oeuvre that can please any crowd, no matter how diverse their tastes may be. Then they play the song in a manner that makes it come alive in terms of how it is performed. There is a certain raw energy and a definitive presence that makes each song memorable.

Samir Saxena, who manages Yakeen, says: All of us in separate capacities have been doing live shows for years, so we understand our audience. Typically for the shows that we do, the audience are not there for an evening of laid-back music or an intellectually stimulating music. They have come to let their hair down and have fun. And we deliver that fun… every time.

It isn’t just a tall claim from Samir. The audience have the same thing to say. To them, a Yakeen concert is a chance to listen to a non-stop line-up of hit songs, a chance to groove on the dance floor, and a chance to get a large dose of something that is in short supply in New Delhi: good live music!