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Sanjo: Alive… and Live!
July 23, 2008, 12:44 pm
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In addition to being “Mad About Music” I am also “Crazy About The Guitar”. And unlike places like Bombay, Pune and Bangalore where one does get opportunities for hanging out with guitarists, Delhi just doesn’t offer the same pleasure.

So I was, therefore, very excited when I was introduced to Sanjo by a mutual friend. (I had written about him in my earlier post too). Sanjo was playing at another friend’s place along with a couple of other musicians. The audience was small… around 25 odd people. Sanjo’s performance was huge! An explosion. He was by far the star of the evening.

I used to tell all my music loving friends about Sanjo and his ability to create an entire evening of music (three hours non-stop, sometimes more) with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. Amazing!

That was way back in 2006. And then… suddenly, Sanjo just vanished. No gigs, no concerts… he was nowhere to be seen. Rumours went around that like all other Delhi-based musicians he had gone off to Bombay to seek greener pastures. I was disappointed. But it was great while it lasted.

Then someone from an event management company told me that Sanjo was very much in Delhi… all that stuff about settling in Bombay was crap. According to this source, Sanjo was busy working in the studio on a whole bunch of new material. That’s why he wasn’t active on the gigging scene.

Months went by… I lost track of Sanjo. At times, I thought he had really moved to Bombay.

And then, a couple of weeks ago — Bang! Out of the blue I finally got news of Sanjo’s whereabouts. And guess what… he’s back on the live scene!

Here’s the scoop. Somewhere in Delhi… I haven’t a clue where (somebody told me West Delhi, Dwarka perhaps)… there are a series of private jam sessions happening. They are called Jam-boree, and are organised by a music industry professional called Ajay Madhavan. Madhavan runs the show as an exclusive, limited numbers “By Invitation Only” event. But… if you know somebody in his friends’ circle, you can get in.

So… music lovers in New Delhi. Does anyone know:

(a) Ajay Madhavan

(b) Any friends of Ajay Madhavan

(c) Sanjo’s email ID.

If I get any one of these, I’m in baby, I’m in!


My info is quite reliable. I got it recently from an American lady visiting India who had actually attended (!) several of these Jam-boree sessions. And she said they rocked!

Anyway… the great news is that Sanjo’s back… and he’s alive, live — and rockin’ the scene.

Now… let’s find him.