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The Balladeer’s Flashback


Much of the content for the thought-provoking shows performed by Sanjo The Balladeer is classic and retro – a showcase of some of the greatest songs long forgotten in the mists of time, revived and rejuvenated. For those in the audience who remember these gems from their childhood or college years, the entire show is a fascinating flashback.


But this time around, it is Sanjo who goes into flashback mode – travelling back in time to re-release some songs from his very first album. The tracks, duly remastered for our current digital music times, include the all-time favourite of so many of his fans: Barson Huey. Many of us, who do not live in or visit Delhi, have never had access to the CD. I have had the opportunity to see Sanjo perform Barson Huey live on stage with a three-piece band – and it was awesome! I have a mobile-captured video of the performance but naturally the audio quality isn’t much to talk about. Hence, for people like me, the online release is an opportunity to finally have the songs in my collection.


Lend an Ear:

Barson Huey:

Palkon Pe Tha:

Sapno Ka Ek Shahar: 


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