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It’s Jam-boree Time, Folks!
September 26, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Those who have read the comment at the bottom of my earlier post will know that Mr. Ajay Mahajan himself has invited me for the next edition of Jam-boree that is slated for tomorrow evening! Unfortunately, for me, the Jam-boree happens in New Delhi, India… and I am oh so far away in Sydney, Australia. So I could have been there… but I won’t. That’s life.

Anyway, I have avidly been discussing this whole Jam-boree “model” with numerous acquaintances and contacts in the music industry, and all of them agree that the potential of the concept is h-u-g-e! Therefore, more than being a member of the audience, I would rather be on the panel of prospective investors for Jam-boree. It’s a phenomenally good business idea. What’s more, it’s the kind of idea that has immense potential and yet, requires very little investment to kick off. A dream proposition, in the true sense of the word.

If I were Mahajan, I would quickly do the following:

1. Register the copyright for the Jam-boree name

2. Create a distinctive logo for Jam-boree and register the trademark

3. Collaborate with a television channel to make Jam-boree a live broadcast

4. Get sponsors and advertisers to pick up the tab

5. Laugh all my way to the bank!


On a more sombre note, I am truly regretting the fact that I won’t be able to make it for what could have been my first ever Jam-boree. I’ll have to miss the much talked about performances by Sanjo, the blazing mind-blowingly complex guitar riffs by Samir, the rocking performances by Sashi, the creative outpourings of Tejas… and all the other attractions of this truly unique event.

All the best for tomorrow, Mr. Mahajan — and remember to cut me in on a share of the action on the business front when you soar high on the wings of Jam-boree Inc.


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First – On behalf of Jam-borians I would like to thank you for writing about the Jam-boree sessions that have been now going on for the past 10 months! It is no small wonder that even after such a long time – Jam-borees still manage to retain most of the original Jam-borians who have been here almost every time driven solely by their passion to be a part of such an eclectic event. Jam-boree is sheer passion for all of us.Maybe that’s what makes it a different and unique experience.

The next Jam-boree session is going to be special as for the first time the entire event would be shot on film by a professional crew !

This edition of Jam-boree is being setup at The CREX Studio on a Sunday afternoon … and we hope to have as many Jam-borians there as possible. We intend to record the event Live – and prepare a short film — Jam-boree: Live @ The CREX Studio. We also hope to get sound bytes from our regulars and, hopefully, some candid camera moments. We are hoping to have a bit of media coverage also (need help here from fellow Jam-borians).

This is for your information. Thanks once again.

Comment by Ajay Mahajan

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